Ile des Deux Cocos

Ile des Deux Cocos

Five minutes boat trip in the midst of Blue Bay, on the south east coast of Mauritius, the majestic l’Ile des deux Cocos rises out the sapphire ocean to welcome you to Paradise…. A dream…

Along the north of l’Ile des deux Cocos lies the pearl-white beaches and turquoise waters of the lagoon. Calm and inviting, the cool water protects an outstanding nature reserve where one can view the vivid and varied underwater marine life.

On the other side of this stunning island the ocean opens out of the prevailing winds, presenting an ever-changing unspoilt spectacle of nature.

The buffet, which is served, is in the spirit of the uniqueness of the island: a delicious mix of culinary styles. And when you hear the sounds of the acoustic guitars of the musicians and the svelte voices of the singers, you will be transported into another world.

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